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    Black Vaccum Suction Tube medical tubing, ent suction tube, vacuum tubing
    Black Silcryn™ tubing is tear resistant, economical, latex and phthalate free for medical applications. Replace your existing vacuum/suction tube in your ENT office to our NEW Black Silcryn™ tube. You will love how it glides against other tubes and surfaces with its velvety matte finish. Kink resistant tubing is 3/16” inner diameter and is sold by the foot
  • endoscope immersion, soaking entire endoscope
    EndoMersion™ Vertical Endoscope Immersion System Complete Nasopharyngoscope immersion in your disinfectant for optimum patient protection. Upright wall mount enables convenient staff access. Vertical position keeps delicate optical/electrical fibers in ideal position for protection and storage. Unique Lifter with Lid provides endoscope security for safe handling and minimal staff exposure to disinfectant solutions. Patent Pending transparent dual chambers allow instant inspection and economical 1 ½ quart solution volume. Flexible Nasopharyngoscopes with detached cables fit nicely into the EndoMersion™ vessel and chamber for manual endoscope cleaning. Includes: wall mount bracket, 28 inch long tube/vessel, endoscope lifter, vapor lid and mounting bolts.
  • Whatman HEPA-Vent Filter for Compressed Air with In-Line Bacterial, Retains 99.97% of all particles =0.3µm in air
  • covid air filter ULPA filter, HEPA filter, medical suction filter
    The MTI ULPA 250™ is designed to capture viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria and other particulates from procedures to prevent them from entering into the ambient environment. It uses an ULPA media to filter out 99.999% of airborne contaminants with a minimum particle size of 0.1 µm. The MTI ULPA 250™ filter uses a pleated element of over 42 sq. in. (271 sq. cm.), compared to the approximate 3 sq. in. (19.4 sq. cm.) of the largest disc filters used by others. The MTI ULPA 250™ filter is more economic and easy to replace with a clear housing which displays “Replace If Discolored”, so you always know when it is time to replace.
    • Fits 3/16″ – 5/16″ (.48 cm – .8 cm) suction tubing
    • Fits competitive products and other suction systems
    • Easy-view filter life indicator
    • 99.999% of airborne contaminants
    • 0.1 µm particulate filtration
    • 42 sq. in. (271 sq. cm.) of filtration capacity
    • Easy to replace
    The ultimate in filtration, ULPA (Ultra-low Particulate Air) filters particles down to 0.1 µm that is 10 times smaller particles than HEPA filters which only filter down to 0.3 µm.1 Click here for brochure: MTIULPA250FilterBrochure
  • E3404, Iris Scissor
    Iris Scissors, Straight or Curved pointed tips, 4.0 inch length, compared to Storz E3404, Premium German Stainless Steel
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    Vienna Nasal Speculas
    Vienna Nasal Specula Size 2 Medium with 30mm blades, German stainless steel, Premium Quality
  • Klinik Iris Scissor, Curved tips, stainless steel, 4 inch length
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    Klinik Nasal Speculum, Medium 30mm blade size, stainless steel  
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    Klinik Noyes Ear Forcep, 8mm serrated jaw, clinic noyes forcep, economy noyes forcep
    Klinik Noyes Ear Alligator Forcep, 0.8mm x  8mm serrated jaws, 3.5" length    
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    Baron Suction Tube #3 French size with thumb plate/ cutoff bypass hole and wire stylette 5.1 inch length, Premium German Stainless Steel  
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