DeVilbiss® Atomizers

//DeVilbiss® Atomizers
  • RhinoGuard™ Atomizer tip, box of 250 RhinoGuard™ protective cover is designed to prevent cross contamination and its associated risks. Inexpensive and convenient to use, the disposable protective tips fit atomizer models 163, 286 and 180
  • DeVilbiss #119 Powder Blower is a general purpose insufflator and can be used for decubitus ulcer treatments, debridement of wounds and wound cleansing
  • DeVilbiss #175 Powder Blower diffuses powder medication evenly and perfectly when making application to the ear, the single tube does not obscure the light
  • DeVilbiss #286 Atomizer for applying fine mist, straight flow tip is easily disassembled for cleaning with amber glass bottle
  • DeVilbiss #180 Nebulizer for administering vaporized medication. Very practical nebulizer for use where vapor instead of spray is indicated for treatment of sensitive nasal cases
  • DeVilbiss #177 Irrigation Ear Syringe, small malleable tube permits deep, yet painless introduction into external ear canal
  • DeVilbiss #151 Atomizer
    • This 1.4 ounce capacity atomizer produces a fine mist that is ideal for nose and throat treatments, decubitus ulcer care, and wound cleansing.
    • A vacuum or venturi-type atomizer that can be operated by one of the following: compressed air, a No. 1 hand bulb or the No. 630 cut-off assembly.
    • Designed for use with aqueous solutions.
    • Precise control and application of topical anesthetics.
    • All types of oil or water solutions can be used that are compatible with rhodium and nickel plating.
    • Produces fine mist without force.
    • Small tube may be inserted well into nasal passages.
    • Removable spray tube for ease in sterilization.
    • Top consists of all metal construction.
  • DeVilbiss Atomizer #163, adjustable tip directs fine spray for aqueous or viscous solutions, clear glass bottle/metal top