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EndoCaddy® store or soak your valuable endoscopes

Aztec has provided the EndoCaddy® endoscope holder  for over 35 years, allowing medical offices for storage, soaking and protect valuable endoscopes. Our compact wall mount holder includes a bracket with removable endoscope storage tube for easy cleaning or refilling of solution, vapor lid and wall mounting bolts. The EndoCaddy® endoscope [...]

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Infrared No-Touch Traceable Thermometer distributed by Aztec

Infrared Thermometer measures the temperature instantly without having to touch high-level disinfectant, OPA or Cidex solutions when cleaning endoscopes. Simply aim the thermometer at the soaking container or solution, press the button, and receive an instant read of temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degree. Compact pocket size thermometer is easy to use and accurately calibrated. [...]

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Aztec proudly distributes Summit & Shippert Medical Products

  Aztec Medical Products is excited to announce a new distributor partnership with Shippert Medical Technologies.  Recently Shippert Medical and Summit Medical merged to offer us many superior products for doctors, hospitals and medical centers in the ENT-Otolaryngology specialty. Aztec now offers a wide range of first class otology products such as Myringotomy Blades & [...]

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Aztec Premium German Buck Ear Curettes

Aztec Medical Products offers Premium German stainless steel Buck Ear Curettes, on sale this month 3 curettes for $99.00…..Click here to order or for more information The Buck Ear Curettes are typically used for removing cerumen, also known as ear wax, or foreign objects from the external ear canal. The fenestrated loop at the tip [...]

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Klinik™ Micro-Alligator Ear Forceps

Aztec offers affordable Klinik™ stainless steel instruments for office clinical use. Klinik™ grade instruments are durable stainless steel, autoclavable, and dependable for years use. Less expensive than our Aztec Premium Surgical grade, priced at only $49.50 each, they are valuable for routine daily office use. Our most popular Klinik™ economy instrument is the Micro-Alligator Forceps [...]

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