Aztec has provided the EndoCaddy® endoscope holder  for over 35 years, allowing medical offices for storage, soaking and protect valuable endoscopes. Our compact wall mount holder includes a bracket with removable endoscope storage tube for easy cleaning or refilling of solution, vapor lid and wall mounting bolts.

The EndoCaddy® endoscope wall mount bracket securely attaches to a wall, cabinet or cart and can be used for endoscope storage, endoscope cleaning or endoscope drying. The compact design takes up less space on a wall and cost far less than endoscope storage cabinets. The plastic storage tube uses half the amount of cleaning solutions than traditional endoscope soaking bins or trays for disinfection solution to clean endoscopes. The EndoCaddy® is available in various models to hold all types of rigid or flexible endoscopes ensuring the distal tip of endoscope does not bend.

CDC recommended endoscope storage guidelines:

  1. Storage After reprocessing is complete, store endoscopes and accessories in a manner that prevents recontamination, protects the equipment from damage, and promotes drying. Store processed flexible endoscopes in a cabinet that is either:
  2. of sufficient height, width, and depth to allow flexible endoscopes to hang vertically without coiling and without touching the bottom of the cabinet OR
  3. designed and intended by the manufacturer for horizontal storage of flexible endoscopes

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