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Aztec German Adson Forceps

Aztec Medical Products features the Adson forceps as one of our best-selling German instruments. The Adson forceps was named after the inventor doctor Alfred Washington Adson, M.D., a pioneer in neuro-surgery from the Mayo Clinic. These forceps are made of premium stainless steel and are designed to hold tissue during delicate ENT surgical procedures.  The [...]

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Aztec offers medical suction tubing…

Aztec offers durable medical grade suction/vacuum tubing for your SMR treatment cabinets. Cost-effective solution with the quality and reliability you need to remove fluids for surgical or exam procedures. Easily connects to suction canisters, suction adapters or instruments, such as, Baron Suction Tubes, Ferguson Frazier Suction Tubes and Cannulas. The black monprene tubing is formulated [...]

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Aztec now sells the Vario 18 portable suction pump…quiet, compact yet very powerful

Versatility, Reliable, Low Noise and Efficient suction system The Vario 18 is a medical suction pump all-around for hospitals, ear nose & throat exam rooms, clinics and homecare, offering dependability, low noise and mobility. Vario 18 is lightweight and portable. It can be used for small surgical interventions as well as for airway suctioning. The [...]

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Why use the Aztec EndoCaddy®?

Aztec™ manufactures EndoCaddy® for storage and protection of ENT rigid Sinuscopes and flexible Nasopharyngoscopes, Urology Cystosopes, Hysteroscopes, Probes and other endoscopy specialties Securely stores your valuable rigid or flexible endoscopes and can be used with soaking solutions Sturdy bracket easily mounts to the wall, cabinet or mobile cart for easy access Hi-impact tube provides secure soak/storage vessel for delicate [...]

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