Infrared No-Touch Traceable Thermometer distributed by Aztec

Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer measures the temperature instantly without having to touch high-level disinfectant, OPA or Cidex solutions when cleaning endoscopes. Simply aim the thermometer at the soaking container or solution, press the button, and receive an instant read of temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degree. Compact pocket size thermometer is easy to use and accurately calibrated.

Wireless, Simple to operate, Rapid reading, No contact with Cidex®, OPA or High Level Disinfectant solutions

IR Thermometer measures HLD OPA Cidex solution temperature

IR Thermometer measures HLD solution temperature


June 01, 2017
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Aztec proudly distributes Summit & Shippert Medical Products


Summit medical, otology, rhinology, shippert medical

Aztec Medical Products is excited to announce a new distributor partnership with Shippert Medical Technologies.  Recently Shippert Medical and Summit Medical merged to offer us many superior products for doctors, hospitals and medical centers in the ENT-Otolaryngology specialty.

Aztec now offers a wide range of first class otology products such as Myringotomy Blades & Handles, Myringotomy Vent Tubes, AbsorbENT™ Ear Packing , MicroWick™, MicroPick™ and Vacutract™. Rhinology products include the RhinoRocket®, Denver® Nasal Splints, Aquaplast, Epistax™ Balloon Catheter, Breeze™ Splints, Shikani Middle Meatal Antrostomy Stents and AbsorbENT™ Nasal & Sinus Packing. We strive to provide the highest quality of ENT products to satisfy all of our customers.

Click here to learn more about many of the Summit and Shippert products we have available….

February 09, 2017
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EndoCaddy® store or soak your valuable endoscopes

endoscope storage, scope disinfection, endoscope cabinet, endo scope rack, endoscope disinfection

Aztec EndoCaddy® has been securely storing or soaking rigid and flexible endoscopes for over 25 years.

The compact bracket can be mounted to a wall, cabinet or mobile treatment cart to allow your scopes to hang vertically without damage or risk of them being dropped or closed in cabinet drawers, which result in expensive repair costs.

EndoCaddy® tubes are made of durable polymer plastic and are easily removed from bracket for dispensing solution or cleaning.

**CDC recommends endoscope should be stored properly after disinfection under the following    guidelines:

  • endoscopes should hang vertically
  • there should be no bends in the scope
  • scopes should not touch one another

EndoCaddy® allows your endoscope to meet these requirements, while securely mounted to the wall to prevent further damage and free counter top space from soaking trays or bins.

Contact Customer Service to assist which EndoCaddy® will best fit your endoscopes


August 01, 2016
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EndoMersion Complete Endoscope Immersion System

endo mersion, endoscope disinfection, scope cleaning holder, fully immerse endoscope, cidex holder

Aztec Medical Products, makers of the EndoCaddy® , announces our new patent pending product EndoMersion™ vertical endoscope immersion system.

The secure wall mounted bracket with patent pending designed vessel allows complete immersion of flexible nasopharyngoscopes in your cleaning and disinfectant solutions. EndoMersion™ is compact, durable and thoroughly soaks scopes with detachable fiber optic cables. It is easy to clean and uses less solution (only 1 ½ quarts) than disinfection bins or soaking trays. Wall mounted, it permits quick access to staff members and does not occupy valuable counter top space. Since current recommendations from flexible nasopharyngoscope manufacturers are complete immersion of their products for best disinfection results you will find EndoMersion™ the best product for the job.

Click here for product information and brochure

April 20, 2016
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Aztec Premium German Buck Ear Curettes

Buck Ear Curette, shapleigh curette, billeau loop, ear curette

Aztec Medical Products offers Premium German stainless steel Buck Ear Curettes, on sale this month 3 curettes for $99.00…..Click here to order or for more information

The Buck Ear Curettes are typically used for removing cerumen, also known as ear wax, or foreign objects from the external ear canal. The fenestrated loop at the tip of the curette is blunt and available in multiple sizes ranging from #00 to #3 (1.0 mm – 3.0 mm).

Our instruments are made of the highest quality stainless steel for durability in demanding applications and will with stand years of cleaning, processing and use.

Aztec guarantees 100% customer satisfaction towards workmanship and quality of all our ENT German stainless steel instruments.

March 08, 2016
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Klinik™ Micro-Alligator Ear Forceps

Ear Alligator Forceps, Clinic Grade Forcep, Economy Grade Forcep, Economy Medical Instrument

Aztec offers affordable Klinik™ stainless steel instruments for office clinical use. Klinik™ grade instruments are durable stainless steel, autoclavable, and dependable for years use. Less expensive than our Aztec Premium Surgical grade, priced at only $49.50 each, they are valuable for routine daily office use.

Our most popular Klinik™ economy instrument is the Micro-Alligator Forceps available in the following sizes: Noyes Ear Forceps (part number) 8mm x 0.8mm serrated jaws, House Style Alligator Forceps (part number) with 4.5mm serrated or smooth jaws  and Micro-Oval Cup Forceps (part number) with 0.8 oval cups.

Aztec offers 100% satisfaction guarantee on workmanship of instruments. Contact us today for more information by calling toll free 800-223-3859 or click here for ordering online

February 09, 2016
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Aztec German Adson Forceps

adson forcep, adson dressing forcep, adson tissue forcep, suture forcep, tissue forcep

Aztec Medical Products features the Adson forceps as one of our best-selling

German instruments. The Adson forceps was named after the inventor

doctor Alfred Washington Adson, M.D., a pioneer in neuro-surgery from the

Mayo Clinic. These forceps are made of premium stainless steel and are designed to

hold tissue during delicate ENT surgical procedures.  The Adson tissue forceps comes

in a variety of tips and sizes.  Adson forceps are useful for your Suture Removal Kit.

This product can be autoclaved for use in an office or a surgical setting.

Click here for more information regarding our premium selection of

German instruments.

January 20, 2016
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Securely store or soak your valuable flexible Cystoscope with the Aztec EndoCaddy®

Flexible Cystoscopes should be stored in a manner that will protect them from damage or contamination. Scopes should be hung in a protected area that will facilitate thorough drying. The Cystoscope’s shipping container should not be used for storage, as bacteria can proliferate in its dark, moist environment. Storing in a cabinet or drawer inhabits the risk of the flexible shaft becoming damaged or crushed when the door or drawer is closed.

The AZ4242 EndoCaddy® is a double tubed bracket that easily mounts to wall, cabinet or cart with two 2” diameter by 27” long polymer clear tubes with vapor lids. The tubes are easily removed from bracket to replace solutions and cleaning. Aztec recommends cleaning the tubes with mild detergent and offers tube brush for cleaning/scrubbing tube. EndoCaddy® safely stores and protects most cystoscopes, hysteroscopes and other endoscopes. Click here for more information for all EndoCaddy® products

  • Hi-Impact tube provides secure soak/storage vessel for fragile endoscopes
  • Durable, clear polymer tube permits visualization of soaking fluids and cleanliness
  • Easily remove tube from bracket for cleaning and refilling
  • Sturdy bracket gives strong support to storage tube and is provided with mounting bolts
  • EndoCaddy® includes bracket, tube(s), vapor lid(s) and mounting hardware
June 03, 2015
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