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Aztec Medical Products is excited to announce a new distributor partnership with Shippert Medical Technologies.  Recently Shippert Medical and Summit Medical merged to offer us many superior products for doctors, hospitals and medical centers in the ENT-Otolaryngology specialty.

Aztec now offers a wide range of first class otology products such as Myringotomy Blades & Handles, Myringotomy Vent Tubes, AbsorbENT™ Ear Packing , MicroWick™, MicroPick™ and Vacutract™. Rhinology products include the RhinoRocket®, Denver® Nasal Splints, Aquaplast, Epistax™ Balloon Catheter, Breeze™ Splints, Shikani Middle Meatal Antrostomy Stents and AbsorbENT™ Nasal & Sinus Packing. We strive to provide the highest quality of ENT products to satisfy all of our customers.

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