Aztec offers durable medical grade suction/vacuum tubing for your SMR treatment cabinets.

Cost-effective solution with the quality and reliability you need to remove fluids for surgical or exam procedures. Easily connects to suction canisters, suction adapters or instruments, such as, Baron Suction Tubes, Ferguson Frazier Suction Tubes and Cannulas.

The black monprene tubing is formulated to replace plasticized PVC tubing without using plasticizers that may pose health risks or allergies:

  • Latex Free
  • Kink resistance
  • low coil memory, easy to handle
  • connects to canisters or instruments securely
  • collapse-resistance at high vacuum pressures


Tubing is sold by the foot, you may request tubing to be cut at specific lengths. Most doctor offices attach 12 feet of suction tubing to their vacuum pump for ample working distance to the patient.

Aztec item# 80-10801 $2.00 per foot